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What Peers and Clients Have to Say

"John is a credit to his chosen profession, always insisting upon a better solution than conventional wisdom might suggest.  Each project becomes a means to advance the art and science of planning, and to demonstrate to peers and to clients the value of reaching for excellence".
Paddy Tillett, FAICP, FRTPI, RIBA, FAIA on behalf of the Oregon Fellows of AICP

"John has been instrumental in planning for and developing Portland's new central area urban neighborhoods including the Pearl District and South Waterfront.  These districts are great examples of livable urban neighborhoods that successfully combine high density, mixed use development with pedestrian and bicycle facilities, transit including streetcar, parks and attention to  the design of the public realm."
Congressman Earl Blumenauer, Member of Congress

"...John was one of the first people I called to see if he would volunteer his time as one of the region's leading development experts.  He has been a leader in that conversation about how to improve the public-private development "toolkit" for building these critical areas inside the metropolitan Urban Growth Boundary."
Gil Kelley, former City of Portland Planning Director

"John has many qualities that are part of his professionalism, bit I think the greatest is his respectful, open approach to people with different views, education and positions.  He was particularly effective in a regulatory position on the Portland Design Commission because he was able to support high-quality design while being so respectful of participants that he elevated the public's opinion of the Commission, and its long-term effectiveness."
Karen Williams, former General Counsel for the Portland Development Commission

"I believe Mr. Spencer's most valuable asset is his ability to communicate complex planning and development concepts in language that the public can understand.  I believe that this skill has led to enthusiastic and informed discussion with the City Council, the City's boards and commissions, and the community at large.  The community is better as a result."
Steven A. Sparks, AICP, Intirim Community Developent Director, City of Beaverton, Oregon

"During the time the plan was being prepared, two major events occurred that helped shape the plan in ways that no one could have imagined.  John played a huge role in finding creative, dynamic solutions in response to these events."
Barbara Walker, Citizen planner, parks, natural areas, Willamette River

References provided on request.

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