John C. Spencer Consultants
City Planning/Urban Design/Development Services


About the Firm

Spencer Consultants is a Portland, Oregon-based planning and development services firm that focuses on public/private development planning, urban design, project management, and urban renewal.  The firm is a principal-only practice and has no employees. Charles Kupper, John’s partner since forming Spencer & Kupper, unexpectedly passed away in late 2009.  Under a new firm name, John is continuing the consulting practice they founded in 1985.

Under the direction of John, the firm’s work has involved developing plans and implementation strategies for urban neighborhoods, mixed-use developments and redevelopment projects, evaluating market support for downtown revitalization and mixed-use developments, negotiating public-private partnerships to overcome market and financing constraints, determining transportation and infrastructure needs and responsibilities, assuring sustainability targets, and evaluating code and design guideline proposals against real development factors. 

An important emphasis of the firm is on plan implementation.  Spencer Consulting has extensive experience identifying implementation programs, incentives, financial strategies and partnerships to make difficult projects feasible.  John has prepared zoning codes, design guidelines and standards, and action plans that move policy into real projects.  Achieving public consensus for plans, involving the public and stakeholders in plan formulation, and securing necessary permits and approvals are all part of plan implementation activities.

John is the planning and urban design principal of the firm. He is responsible for the firm’s neighborhood and specific area planning, development code and design standards preparation, revitalization strategy and urban renewal planning.  John's focus is on central area planning, redevelopment, town planning, sustainability and project management.

1950 NW Overton Street
Portland, Oregon 97209
P  503 789 0112

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